Meet The Brantford Paranormal Society Team:
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Please see below to read a brief bio on each member:


Tim - Director & Lead Investigator
When Tim was about 5 or 6 years old, his paranormal adventure began. In his childhood home, he was approached by 3 separate entities. Sometimes he could hear them, other times he saw them, but mostly he just felt them around him. For the first little while he didn’t understand what was going on and was frightened all the time. Then he realized that they were not there to harm him. They were just there. And with this new awareness, he started seeing other spirits wherever he went.
His parents still live in that same house, and when he visits, he sometimes still sees, hears and feels those same 3 entities – and they still remember him too.
So he co-founded The Brantford Paranormal Society, so that he could help people, especially children, understand what they are experiencing, and help them deal with each unique situation.  In 2013, when the original founder of the group left, he stepped up to be Group Leader, and is hoping to guide the group to great things, and have a lot of fun in the process.
He's been that scared kid, and knows exactly what that feels like. But now he also knows that you don’t have to go on being afraid. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call 519-865-7330.

Caroline - Case Manager, Lead Investigator & Certified Cleanser​ 
​Caroline joined the team shortly after our 2016 Scare-in-the-Square event. However, this is not her first rodeo with a paranormal group. Caroline has over 10+ years experience as an Investigator and is also a Certified cleanser & Empath.. She was a core member of the Cambridge Paranormal Investigators team. She was their case manager and lead investigator. After a long time with that team, Caroline decided she needed a break from the paranormal field, so took a 3 year break. During that time, she moved to Brantford because she changed jobs and her new employer was in Brantford.
Caroline's mentor is Michelle Desrochers, whom she has introduced to TBPS and asked to help us out a few times with some of our tougher cases. Caroline has also had the opportunity to meet Lorraine Warren!
As you can tell, Caroline is a definite asset to our team!

Jenn - Case Manager, Web Mistress& Investigator
For as long as she can remember, from the time Jenn was a young girl, she has always been intrigued by the paranormal.  Every book, every T.V. show, every little bit of information she could get about the paranormal, she would immerse herself in.  Unlike Cas - the rest of the team often refers to Jenn as the "older version of Cas", as they are both techie and have similar personalities-, Jenn began watching Ghost hunters as soon as it began.  And from that point forward, she dreamed of being able to help people the way TAPs does.  Not only is it about helping people, but Jenn loves the history part of being an investigator as well.  As soon as a new case is announced, Jenn pulls up everything she can from google, contacts local historical societies, pulls up old maps, etc. to try and get a feeling of how the history of the case may be impacting the clients. Jenn also loves the feeling of being in old buildings that have lengthy histories.  With her empathic ability  to be able to connect to the history of a place by setting foot in it, she is intrigued by the feeling of the history around her.
After moving to Brantford, Jenn reached out to Tim in hopes that the group was taking on new members.  Although shy at first, she quickly found her place in the group and couldn't ask to be part of a better team. 

​Cas - Tech Specialist & Investigator
As far back a she can remember ‘paranormal’ has been a part of her life. Strange and unexplainable things have always just sort of happened in her family, and she was always taught not to be frightened of it. Ghosts are just people you can’t see.
Cas is Cheryl's daughter.
She's been influenced a lot by her mom in this area, Cheryl has always talked about spirit guides and the ‘other side’. Watching her experiment with contacting spirits starting out with Ouija boards, and graduating to using her own abilities has been really fascinating.
When Cas learned there was a paranormal group in Brantford it was again from her mom. She’d told her of her interest to join and honestly it had Cas rolling her eyes a little. Cas believes in the paranormal, but she'd seen a lot of those ghost hunter shows on T.V. and they’d always annoyed her. Every little creek or wind blow just had to be a ghost, and on top of that the one hearing it usually ran from the room frightened. That is not a paranormal investigator.
But to help out with her mom’s new group, Cas went to a meeting and met the people she would be working with and Cas was pleasantly surprised. These were people seriously interested in investigation paranormal occurrences. These were people that also rolled their eyes at those hokey television shows. It was a relief! And not to long after she joined up the group.
Her first investigation was a training run at her aunt’s house that always had spirit activity. And the following evidence review session really convinced Cas this group meant business. Reviewing the hours of camera footage and audio they were quick to debunk a flicker on the screen or rustle on the recording that would be explainable, yet still be able to identify the things they caught that were paranormal. It was amazing!

Emily - Case Researcher & Investigator-in-Training
Emily joined the team in early 2017. Although never having been involved with a paranormal team, Emily comes from a family of clairvoyants and intuitives. Emily herself is an empath, often being able to feel another's emotions over long distances. Emily is a great addition to the team! Although an empath, she is also very skeptical, going lengths to try and debunk an occurrence before calling it paranormal.

Tyler - Crew Member/Investigator-In-Training
Since he was a kid, Tyler has had many experiences.  He was chased by a ghost dog, has witnessed poltergeist activity and has seen departed family members in the last 15 to 20 years.  He has had many more experiences such as seeing shadow figures, footsteps and hearing voices.   He has watched several paranormal shows, everything from ghost adventures to paranormal lockdown.  They have all  interested him since he started watching them.  Now he has a chance to help people who are having paranormal experiences

Jennifer - Case Researcher & Investigator
Like most of our team, Jennifer began her fascination with the paranormal at a young age. Before starting high school, she had read almost every book the St. Paul Library Branch had to offer on strange subjects ranging from alchemy to divination, from ESP to cryptozoology, and everything in between. But after finishing each book there were always more questions, and being highly analytical Jennifer knew the only real way to find answers was to become a paranormal investigator.
In 2013 Jennifer became a TBPS member and fulfilled a dream of joining an investigative team. She loved reviewing evidence collected by TBPS, and with a keen interest in local history, she scoured through books, webpages and microfilm to uncover the chronicles of active locations. Unfortunately, following the deaths of her mother in 2014, and her father in 2015, she needed to breakaway from the team.
Nearly two years later, Jennifer approached Tim to see if he had any room on his team for her to rejoin, and with one of his big bear hugs, she was back into the fold.
Through the years she has been lucky enough to visit paranormal hot spots, including the Edinburgh Vaults and Greyfriars Kirkyard (Edinburgh, Scotland), Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine, FL), Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary (San Francisco, CA), and Villisca Ax Murder House (Villisca, IA). In November 2017, she’s planning a trip to Gettysburg Battlefield (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), and in fall of 2018 she’s hoping to enter the Paris Catacombs (Paris, France). Jennifer’s paranormal adventures help fuel her other passion, writing paranormal and horror fiction, which she hopes to publish in the near future.

Melissa - Evidence Reviewer
Growing up as a twin, Melissa felt that she always had a connection with her sister.  They both knew what was on each others minds or finished each other's sentences, but Often wondered if her and her sister had any other abilities.  However, that's as far as it went.  As Melissa got older she became interested in the paranormal,  watching T.A.P.S , Most Haunted , etc. The shows began to open her eyes to what was going on in people's lives in and around the world! To see an apparition or  hear knocking noises  and voices  caught on tape Melissa found it intriguing.  just  knowing there are many people and families out there who need other's help to keep the spirits at bay or to get rid of them, drove Melissa to search out a team to join.  Melissa is pleased to join TBPS as an investigator reviewer.

Jo - Evidence Reviewer
​Jody has had an interest in the paranormal from a young age.  She was always looking in tunnels and old houses or buildings for signs of ghosts.  In bed in her early 20s, she started to notice the 'shadow man' that seems to follow her where ever she lives.  She has been trying to further develop her communication skills through Tarot Cards and tea leaves.  She is looking forward to growing and learing with the TBPS family!
Brightest Blessings!