Places We Have Investigated
Below you fill find a list of public places we have investigated.  Please note, we have obtained permission from the owners/operators of these places - often they contact us to investigate - before we enter these premises.  TBPS does NOT condone trespassing and encourages everyone to always ask property owners permission to enter their property prior to investigating.  You will not find private residences listed on here, unless a client has asked us to post their residence.  

Odeon Lecture Hall - Brantford, Ontario
This was the location for our 2017 Ghost Hunts with Brantford's Scare-in-the-Square.  This building, as well as the area has quite a bit of history to it.  The orginal theatre burnt down in the 70s -- there were no casualities, thankfully.   Prior to this though, there were numerous fires in the area as well as a possible unsolved murder.  It made for quite an eventful 2017 Scare-in-the-Square!!

Prince Edward Heights - Picton, Ontario
TBPS had the opportunity to investigate Prince Edward Heights in Picton, Ontario August 19 &20th, 2017.  We had the opportunity to do this with our affliated groups of Georgina Paranormal , Cambridge Paranormal and C.O.P.S. Paranormal .  
Initially built as part of the Canadian Military, Prince Edward Heights was sold to the Ontario Ministry of Health and turned into a hospital for the developmentally delayed.  It offically closed it's doors in 1999.  Currently, PRZ Paintball owns the property and C.O.P.S. Paranormal rents it out to Paranormal Groups to investigate.

The Olde Angel Inn - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
TBPS investigated The Olde Angel Inn on March 31st, 2017.  We rented The General's Quarters - said to be the most haunted room at the inn - and The Governers Suite.  Captain Colin Swayze was killed while staying back from the British retreat to meet up with his true love.  He was ambushed by American solders and reported to have been killed while hiding in a rum barrel in the basement.  His body is said to be buried somewhere in the basement and his ghost is reported to haunt the inn to this day.  There are also reports that former owners of the inn also haunt the inn as they loved it so much.

Brantford Paranormal
Haunted Theatre

The Sanderson Centre - Brantford, Ontario
Built in 1919 and named The Temple Theatre, The Sanderson Centre was originally built as a vaudeville and silent movie theater.  The first performance occurred on December 22, 1919.  Located in downtown Brantford, it is reportedly haunted by the orginal theatre manager and we have also caught evidence of the ghost of a little boy.

Brantford Paranormal
Haunted Bank

Bank of Montreal - Brantford, Ontario 
Open in 1852, the banks original location was on the north side of Coloborne Street, near Lorne Bridge.  Needing more space, the bank purchased the Strobridge house, located at the corner of Henry and Darling Streets.  Part of the house was turned into the bank, while the rest was used as the bank manager's quarters.  In 1913, the house was torn down and the current building was built.  We have caught evidence of the original bank manager there, a child and a darker entity in the "crayon room".

Brantford Paranormal
Haunted College & University

Carnegie Building - Brantford, Ontario 
Located on George Street, Carnegie building is part of the Wilfrid Laurier University - Brantford Campus.  Originally built in 1902, it was renovated in 1999.

Brantford Paranormal
Haunted City Hall

City Hall - Brantford, Ontario
Located at 100 Wellington Street, City Hall was built in 1967, when the Brantford City Council moved from the Old Brantford Town Hall.